Saturday, 29 October 2011

Weird sense

The blaze`, non snobbish approach to non-branded products. Implying there is no difference, as tea is just tea to all tea lovers. A clear message, and pretty much a two fingers up to the bigger chains... Go Aldi!

I'm with her on this one mind... lets stick to Gin

Beauty of the Hallow

The goal for this Halloween. Black Swan. I'm hoping that in reality I don't just resemble some girl in a black tutu looking like a cross between a 'fallen angel' with smudged make-up and a ballerina.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

The simple beauty of a drink and a chat with a friend. I wish I liked coffee... or tea... or hot chocolate.
But I found watching someone else drinking it just as relaxing and satisfying.

Chic. Elegant. No fuss glamour

... The hair I attempted... failed

Brilliant nonsense

Creative genius... but it worries me that someone, maybe more than one person, will be sitting their having no clue that this is a joke... waiting for their 5 minute phone break that never comes. People worry me.

It also worries me that these actors/actresses seem so convincing... I'm hoping this gives credit to their amazing skills at sarcastic humour and that they aren't just crazy Americans picked up off the street.